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How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business SERVPRO professionals use advanced equipment and experience in mold mitigation to determine the water source of your mold problem.

How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business

Mold can result in a number of health issues. Sometimes mold can be harder to identify than others.

There is always mold present in some capacity. This species of spore has existed on Earth for up to millions of years. Mold is capable of entering homes through open doors, vents, air conditioning systems, windows, and vents, to name several. 

The mold found in the outdoor air can be brought inside from pets, clothing, bags, and shoes. It tends to grow in the presence of moisture or in which a flood has occurred. Mold can grow on virtually any surface, from paper, ceiling, wood, and cardboard. Furthermore, it can grow in dust, wallpaper, drywall, upholstery, paints, insulation, and fabric.

More often than not, mold can appear like a series of spots of several different colors with a musty smell. If you smell or see mold, it should be removed immediately, regardless of type. If you discover that mold is growing in your household, you must clean it up and fix the problem related to the excess moisture. With the aid of household products, mold can be removed from hard surfaces. Consider the use of soap, water, or a solution of bleach with no greater than a single cup in a gallon of water.

Finding mold in your home or business can be troubling, and it’s natural to want to get rid of it fast. Because mold spreads fast and can sometimes be inconspicuous, it’s best practice to call in professionals like SERVPRO to diagnose and address the mold issue for you. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is at your service at (650) 591-4137.

Do You Struggle with Finding the Source of the Musty Smell of Mold in Your San Francisco Home?

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can lurk in many areas of your home before it becomes visible to the naked eye. Call SERVPRO to investigate.

The Oddest Places You Will Find Mold in Your San Francisco Home

Mold growth is prominent in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. It grows in the rooms above because of the presence of moisture and food supply. What San Francisco homeowners do not know is that if there is the t possibility of dampness and darkness anywhere, mold can grow. To protect your family and get rid of mold, here are 5 oddest places where mold can grow.

Inside your child’s toys
Have you ever taken the time to inspect your child’s toys for mold? Well, mold removal technicians in San Francisco recommend that you do so today. As your child plays with his or her toys, moisture can find its way via an opening. Since it is the norm to store toys away in a box after playtime, this provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. To protect your child, keep a close eye on your child’s toys.

If your chimney is not well capped off, snow, rain, leaves, and other organic materials can find their way in. Since the chimney is dark, cool and damp, mold can grow. At SERVPRO, we recommend that you cover the top. Afterward, call a chimney cleaner to get rid of all organic material.

If you have never taken the time to inspect the inside of your coffee maker, then do so. Mold could be lurking inside. To avoid consuming contaminated coffee, clean and dry your coffee maker every day.

Refrigerator drip pan
The drip pan collects condensation. Apart from moisture, food particles also collect inside. This provides a breeding ground for mold. To prevent mold growth, clean the drip pan after every 3 or 6 months. Use vinegar, warm water, and soap. After cleaning, allow the drip pan to dry completely.

Your makeup also provides the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. If you detect a musty smell originating from your makeup, throw them out.

At SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos, we are specialists in mold removal. If you suspect your home has a mold infestation, do not attempt to remove it. Call our 24/7 emergency line at (650) 591-4137 and let us protect you, your family and your home.

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10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold caused by moist air from HVAC system vent.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to control temperature and some are capable of reducing indoor humidity (condition the air).

HVAC systems can malfunction causing them to become breeding grounds for mold. HVAC systems can also be damaged by fire or water problems. Water can get into HVAC ducting, especially air delivering ducts that are installed under floors and in ceilings. 

This photograph shows how a flooded air duct spread moisture and moldy air onto the baseboards, wall and into the room.

A scope (plan) to clean up the mold included removing contaminated ducting and replacing it with new ducting. SERVPRO knows how to remediate even the most complicated mold infested environments. When HVAC systems are part of the problem, we have expert cleaning methods to provide the solution to correct the indoor air quality.


7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Microscopic image of Mold

At SERVPRO of Belmont and San Carlos we have received late night calls about mold on our 24 hour emergency telephone line.

The phone line has been set up for calls about water and fire events that require immediate response. Mold is not an emergency. It takes weeks or months for mold to develop and it does not justify a late night call. However, we discuss subject to highlight how having mold in a home is an emotional experience for many persons.

Mold is also blamed for being the source of all sorts of illnesses, even things that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Yes there are many urban myths and unwarranted fears about mold. It is a modern day villain.

This doesn't mean you should ignore mold in your home or workplace. Mold in an indoor environment is always an unwanted guest. Call SERVPRO of Belmont San Carlos at 650-591-4137 for balanced advice and help concerning mold. 

San Carlos Mold Damage

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold patch

In the San Carlos hills, mold is a common concern among local homeowners, and mold growth can quickly consume a region behind walls or in dark corners. Mold is often difficult to detect, and by the time it is obviously present, significant damage can already have resulted in the home. This article outlines how mold damage occurs, what can result from it, and what must be done to remove it. 

How Mold Damage Occurs
Mold damage most commonly results from a water leak or some other form of water damage. Even after the leak is fixed and the water appears dried, more can still be inside of wood or fabric, promoting mold growth. It should be noted that mold also typically requires an organic surface to grow on, such as wood or fabric. There is no way to stop mold from forming in these damp regions, at least initially. Mold patches form from airborne spores, of which you likely breathe in and encounter thousands of every day. If the conditions are right, one spore can eventually lead to exponential growth into a full colony. Thus, the only real way to prevent mold growth is to avoid water and moisture problems and fully dry out materials after any leaks have been fixed. 

What Mold Damage Does
Mold often forms into large patches, which can grow to sometimes be several feet or larger in diameter. Some types of mold may also emit a strong musty odor when in high enough quantities, allowing for easier detection. However, if you can smell mold in your home, this may be cause for significant alarm as some molds may cause adverse health effects, especially if they are in large enough colonies to emit odors. Mold can chew through organic materials such as wood, causing permanent structural damage to your home. Additionally, its potential ill health effects make mold a silent but highly dangerous force acting upon your home. If a mold colony gets enough out of hand, 

your home may be condemned for safety concerns. Thus, one should always work to stop mold as soon as possible. 

What is Done About Mold
Mold remediation typically involves a company like SERVPRO coming to your home to do full-time work. You may potentially need to live elsewhere during remediation. Technicians will first identify the source and spread of the mold, then begin a process of air filtration and drying to help stop further growth. Damaged materials are then removed from the home and replaced, and everything potentially exposed to the mold and its spores is given a thorough scrubbing. Depending on the damage, final repairs and restorations may be made to any damaged regions. 

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is a locally owned and operated business and has had experience with dozens of mold removal and remediation projects in the past. If you require professional services or assistance with residential mold growth, call us at (650) 591-4137.

Food for Mold

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

The paper liner on gypsum wallboard is like baby food for mold.

Mold problems in modern buildings are often the result of tighter construction that doesn't let a building breathe. Tight buildings can keep moisture trapped inside. When indoor relative humidity reaches 60% RH or higher, mold can begin to grow. But mold requires food. In nature, in the outdoors, wood and leaf matter is the main source of food for mold.  In modern buildings that use gypsum plaster wallboards (Sheet Rock) the paper liner on each side of the wallboard provides the perfect food. Damp paper has been called "baby food for mold" for good reason. Paper is processed wood.  In some situations when small amounts of mold is on small portions of wallboard, cleaning (removing) the mold from the paper may work. However, in most situations portions of the wallboard will need to be removed and replaced. SERVPRO of Belmont/ San Carlos will do it right.

Is Mold Really Our Enemy?

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is a four-letter word… the very mention of mold stirs negative feelings. Yet mold is a necessary part of life. Bread makers and people who make wine, beer and cheese also rely upon mold and yeasts, all part of the fungi kingdom. Molds are part of our ecosystem. Saying mold is bad is not a realistic statement. Tens of thousands of different molds have been identified and studied. Did you know that the commonly know pharmaceutical antibiotic Penicillin derives from the Penicillium Mold?

Only a few produce negative effects on people. Tell a baker, winemaker, brewer or cheese maker that molds and yeasts are bad and you will get a funny look.

There are molds that are able to produce tiny spores that become airborne and these spores can pass through our respiratory system and into the Alveoli sacks in our lungs and cause toxins to enter our bloodstream. Infants, seniors and anyone with a compromised immune system are susceptible. These molds are called, “toxic black mold.”

Problem is, the majority of molds are black in color. Some are white, yellow and pink, but black is the most common color. People hear about “black toxic mold” and then equate the black mold that they see on a window frame as being this potentially harmful variety of “toxic mold”. There are contractors who make a living playing off of the public’s fear and lack of knowledge about mold. They charge big fees to remove mold of any variety, harmful or not.

For realistic information about mold, one of the best sources to learn about mold is to visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website using mold as a search phrase. You will get easy to understand information about mold, and even tips on how to remove it. Another thing to do is to give us a call. SERVPRO of Belmont San Carlos at 650-591-4137.

Mold cleanup for 1870 !

2/11/2018 (Permalink)

Renovation of a landmark building in old downtown Stockton revealed a brick wall that had experienced years of rainwater intrusion. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos worked with our fellow franchise in the valley to perform non-abrasive mold cleanup using a baking soda medium. Following remediation, the bricks looked as good as the day they were laid back in 1870. Our  mold experts stand ready to help with mold issues regardless of the age or type of property affected… simply give us a call.

Mold is a difficult issue for consumers because there is "urban myths" about the topic. Mold is a seroius problem and it needs to be remediated quickly, but seldom is it going to kill you. People are afraid of black toxic mold, but the truth is, most mold is black. (Pink, white and green are other mold colors, but black remaind most common.) Don't assume that because you see black mold it is deadly. At the same time, have it checked out to be sure. Our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos certified mold technicians are skilled at observing molds and presenting a reasonable plan to mitigate the problem. We will never use fear tactics, or "urban myths about mold" as we explain your options and solutions. We don't do business like that.

The mold in the 1870 landmark building was a big job, yet we didn't take advatange. The cost of of seervice were fair... if you have questions about mold give us a call, we are here to help. 650-5914137